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Unlocking Learning Potential:
Dyslexia & Specific
Learning Assessments

Understanding your child's unique learning profile is crucial, especially when they may be facing challenges like dyslexia or specific learning difficulties. Our diagnostic assessments go beyond labels, delving into your child's cognitive and learning abilities to unveil a comprehensive picture.

What the Assessment will look at:

  • Cognitive Insights: We explore how your child learns best, identifying their cognitive strengths and areas that may need support. This knowledge forms the foundation for personalised strategies to enhance their learning experience.

  • Literacy Assessment: Our assessments dive deep into literacy skills, covering reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. This thorough examination pinpoints specific difficulties, allowing us to tailor interventions that address your child's needs directly.

  • Numeracy Evaluation: Understanding your child's relationship with numbers is key. Our assessments scrutinize mathematical abilities, helping us pinpoint challenges and create targeted approaches to enhance their numeracy skills.

  • Writing: The test helps evaluate how quickly and neatly your child can write, as well as their accuracy. It looks at their speed, formation of letters, spacing, and overall legibility. By observing these aspects, we can see if your child might be experiencing difficulties with handwriting and whether they might need extra support or strategies to improve.

The Benefits:

Our assessments provide valuable insights, offering more than just diagnostic information. They empower parents and teachers with a roadmap to support their child effectively, highlighting strengths to celebrate and challenges to address. Together, we pave the way for a learning journey that capitalizes on your child's unique abilities.


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