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If you find yourself with concerns about your child's well-being or have questions arising from discussions with education or health professionals, you might be seeking:


  • Insight into why your child's learning or behaviour is causing concern

  • Clarification on a diagnosis made by another professional

  • Reassurance regarding your child's overall well-being

  • Assistance in identifying a specific problem or condition

  • Effective teaching techniques and strategies tailored to your child

  • Guidance to the appropriate teams or services

  • Support in advocating for your child's resources and assistance from their school

  • Assistance with Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) processes, including applications, reviews, or tribunals

  • Support to ensure that your gifted and talented child is reaching their full potential

  • Assessment for access arrangements for 11 plus, GCSE or A-level exams


These are some of the key services that we offer – everything that we do is focussed around the child and we completely understand that often all is not that it appears to be, especially at school. We
work to unravel the situation, look at the underlying issues, identify key patterns and provide help
to create positive dynamic changes for your child and family.

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