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Parallel Lines


At Educational Potential we are passionate about ensuring children are understood and achieve their potential. We find practical solutions to problems with learning or underachievement. 

Educational Psychology Assessments
An Educational Psychology assessment involves a series of different activities to help identify a child
or a young person’s learning style, 
specific strengths and areas of need. Through this assessment an Educational Psychologist is able to diagnose Dyslexia and identify gaps in learning. This helps them to generate suitable recommendations for schools, parents and specialist teachers to implement. These recommendations are used to tailoring teaching to meet the learning needs of children and young people.

Exam Access Arrangement Assessments
We can carry out a detailed assessment to determine whether your child is eligible for 11 plus, GCSE,
A Level and University exam access arrangements
, such as extra time, a reader or scribe. Access Arrangements are highly regulated and complex therefore this assessment can only be carried out when the Educational Psychologist has a working relationship with the child's school. Please contact the
Practice Manager for further explanation and advice.

We have built up a wide network of professionals, such as clinical psychologists, specialist tutors, speech & language therapists and occupational therapists, who are well known to us and trusted, that we can refer onto if your child needs further investigation.

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